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Explore your Prompters
  • Proline Standard

    The professional’s choice for lightning fast setup and ultimate adjustability with finger tip control.
  • Flex Standard

    High quality, lightweight and easy to use at an unbeatable price.
  • Ultralight iPad

    Lightest iPad prompter available with a universal cradle that adjusts for nearly any size tablet – iPad or Android.
  • Studio

    Ultra-wide trapezoidal glass offering a wide viewing angle for multiple presenters. The perfect studio prompter.
  • Freestand

    Sets up on it’s included stand – no heavy duty tripod needed. Just place your camera behind and prompt.
  • Stage Pro

    Make your talent look presidential with our line of professional quality speech prompters. Fingertip control of glass for quick adjustments.
  • Roboprompter

    The first and best prompter designed for robotic cameras. Wide screen glass is easy to read even with slide presentations.
  • Under Camera

    Designed specifically for cameras with green screen light rings. Inexpensive alternative to thru glass prompters.
  • Over Camera

    Lightest weight, lowest cost and easiest prompter to setup. Battery operated LCD can also be used as a viewing monitor.

Proline Series

  • ProLine - the Professional’s Choice

    When nothing but the best will do go for the ProLine series. ProLine prompters offer the video pro everything they need for fast, effortless prompting.

    Adjust for any situation or camera size - without tools. Adjust camera position, LCD position and glass height and angle instantly with fingertip control. ProLine – built for pros.

  • Complete System – Nothing else to buy

    • Self-reversing, LED monitors standard
    • Padded carry case included
    • Pro version of our FlipQ PC/Mac software
    • Software on USB AND installed backup
    • Wireless controller included
    • 25 foot VGA extension cable


Flex Series

  • Flex Series - the Affordable Choice from $899

    The Flex Series prompters are complete solutions that will get you up and prompting, quickly, at a surprisingly affordable price.

    Set up is simple and fast. They offer the flexibility of handling any size camera from consumer camcorders to full size ENG with ease. Flex, when you need an affordable prompting solution at a great price.

  • Complete System – Nothing else to buy

    • Self-reversing, LED monitors standard
    • Padded carry case included
    • Flip-Q Lite PC/Mac software
    • Software on USB AND installed backup
    • 25 foot VGA extension cable

Ultralight iPad Series

  • Ultralight iPad Tablet Prompter - $599

    The Ultralight’s innovative TabGrabber universal tablet holder adjusts to any size tablet while securely holding it – even in hand held run & gun shooting situations.

    The TabGrabber works with all iPad versions from 1/2/3/4, Mini and Air. They can also be used with virtually any tablet on the market. The Ultralight your universal choice.

  • Complete System – Just add tablet

    • Universal TabGrabber tablet holder
    • Innovative camera riser
    • iCue iPad software
    • Wireless keyboard controller
    • Solid aluminum frame


Specialty Prompters

  • Stage Pro – Presidential Style

    Live speaking events require a reliable, precision prompter. A precision geared angle adjustment for the glass offers lightning fast, angle adjustment needed for various height presenters.
    Standard self reversing monitors avoid costly reverser boxes or clumsy dual screen software. Don’t be caught short on stage go with Stage Pro.

  • FreeStand Prompters – Lose the tripod!

    FreeStand prompters attach to their own included stand avoiding the need to mount the prompter and camera together.
    If you just need a quick prompting session just slide your existing camera/tripod behind and start prompting. Save setup time AND money since a heavy duty tripod is not needed.

  • RoboPrompter - PTZ Camera Prompter

    The RoboPrompter was specifically designed for pan/tilt/zoom cameras. The huge 24” glass and fully sealed enclosure gives the PTZ camera generous pan/tilt/zooming while keeping light off the beamsplitter glass.
    If you need to prompt with PTZ cameras the RoboPrompter is the obvious choice.

  • Under Camera – For Chromatte Light Rings

    Chromatte light rings offer a great solution for green screen applications. Unfortunately the light ring makes using them with traditional prompters impossible.
    Enter the UnderCamera prompter that adjusts the LCD just below the lens for near perfect eyeline. Got light rings? Get the UnderCamera prompter.


Every system ships with our Flip-Q teleprompter program with both USB and installed versions included. Flip-Q is compatible with any Windows OS from XP to 8 and any Intel based Mac. For iPad applications we offer our award winning iCue app.

For advanced studio applications we offer MOS compliant NewsRoom software at a very competitive price.

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  • Lighting by Flolight

    For high quality lighting equipment we recommend Flolight. Flolight offers a complete selection of LED and fluorescent lighting at very competitive prices. Flolight has just introduced the amazing CycLight - the world’s first single fixture green screen light. Check out the full line and the CycLight at FloLight or click below.

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  • Lighting by Flolight


    Imagine, the ease and simplicity of shooting green screen with only one light! With the CycLight, you can finally say goodbye to tweaking and fumbling with multiple lights.

    FloLight's patented "Light Wave" technology limits the amount of light at the base and progressively increases the light at the top for a perfectly lit green screen every time.

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  • Lighting by Flolight

    LED Lights

    Flolight offers a full line of industrial strength LED lights from camera lights to studio lights. All LED feature 93+ CRI and spot on color temperature for perfect results every time. All lights are made with a solid aluminum chassis to stand up to grueling production environments.

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  • Lighting by Flolight


    Flolight offers a full line of fluorescent lighting. The wireless dimming feature comes with a remote that allows you to set individual light levels for fast and easy adjustment. All lights feature robust all aluminum construction and high CRI daylight or tungsten lamps and free carry cases.

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