UltraLight Teleprompter Features

Engineered for pros, the UltraLight Teleprompter is our most affordable Teleprompter with a sled. It's lighter and more portable than any of our other current models!
and it fits all iPads, Surfaces and Tablets up to 10.9" display size. If you're looking for an iPad Pro (12.9") Teleprompter check out our UltraFlex, Flex and the ProLine for iPads, Surfaces, and Tablets with a display size upto 12.9"

Learn about the UltraLight features below or just start shopping.
Designed and assembled in the USA with prime American-made beamsplitter glass.

Rotate and Zoom UltraLight


Ultra Light Weight and Durable

The UltraLight weighs a mere 4lbs which is less than 1/2 the weight of our ProLine's with is 9lbs. The UltraLight is 1/2 the weight of our Flex, and weighs less than our most popular budget teleprompter the UltraFlex, but is just as durable as all of our Teleprompters, able to hold 100+Lbs with it's incredibly strong design and build quality.

Ultra Portable

Not only is the UltraLight 1/2 the weight of our standard Teleprompters, but it's also about half the size when packed up in it's included soft case, and less than half the size in it's travel case.

Compatible Up To
iPad Pro

The Tab Grabber Pro which comes with the UltraLight iPad Version easily adjusts to fit any size iPad or Surface, and will fit most Tablets up to 12.9" display size. However the glass on the UltraLight is 10" so we reccomend all iPads up to the new iPad Pro 9.7" but all of our other 12" Beamsplitter glass teleprompters will fit all iPads up to the iPad Pro 12.9" version including our popular and affordable UltraFlex, starting at $599. The Tab Grabber Pro fits every current model of iPad's from a iPad Mini to an iPad Pro. The Tab Grabber Pro will fit every current model of Surface up to the Surface Pro.

60/40 Glass is Better

The entire purpose of a teleprompter is for the announcer or viewer to have an easy way to read text. Clean, clear and BRIGHT. 60/40 glass will reflect 40 percent of the monitor image back to the viewer. Allowing for a crisper, cleaner, BRIGHTER, easier to read image. Other Teleprompters will only reflect back 30% of the image, so the viewer may have a more difficult time reading the text. In our opinion, the companies that say 70/30 glass is better, are simply wrong. However, if you request 70/30 glass, we can make it available on your UltraLight for you.

Monitor Version Available

The UltraLight is also available with with a 8" or a 10" 400 NIT Auto-Reversing Monitor. The 8" Monitor is our most affordable full sled monitor based telepromtper, and upgrading from an UltraLight iPad to a Auto-Reversing Monitor is fast and tool-less. All our Monitors based Teleprompters including the UltraLight versions come with a Free Copy of our Flip-Q Professional software ($200 Value) that runs on Mac and PC.

Easy Assembly

No need to break out a set of tools, or plan on an hour of set-up. No tools needed at all. No complicated instructions to read for setting up the glass and rail system. We have made our prompters as easy and solid to use as possible. That way you can focus on the task at hand.