Stage Pro 19" HB Carbon Fiber Poles

Stage Pro - Presidential | Stage and Speech Teleprompter - Portable Light Weight | Pair

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    The StagePro Conference | Stage and Speech Presidential Pair

    The StagePros are ultra adjustable with easy, tool-less set-up. The monitor is self-reversing and can display prompting with either the included PC and Mac software or with any presentation software such as PowerPoint or Keynote. The Stage and Speech works great for Conferences, Speeches that occur on Stages, Musicians, Politicians, and other events where your speaker / talent needs a presidential teleprompter.

    • Fast, easy setup with necessary cables and hardware
    • Easily readable to over 17 feet
    • Mac and PC software included
    • Upgradable to 17,19, 24 inch monitor sizes
    • High Bright 1000 NIT monitors available for outside use
    • Flip-Q Pro software for Mac and PC included
    • Surrounds for Base / Monitor included

    The StagePro Presidential Pair design utilizes custom aluminum hardware for high strength, featuring lightweight and tool-less setup and operation. The reversing monitors allow for prompting using text or presentations using the included Flip-Q Pro software for PC and Mac. 2 teleprompters are included along with a distribution amp and 25 foot extension cables. The included monitor offers a variety of inputs including VGA, composite and HDMI. All PrompterPeople monitors are self-reversing* for easy prompting. The lightweight, long life LED backlit display offers a bright 400 nit image (nit is the unit of visible-light intensity), High Bright monitors for outside use are available. A durable flight case is available.


    Partial Product Highlights 



    • 60/40 is standard, 70/30 available as a no-cost option
    • *(1) Beamsplitter size 14” x 12”, beveled edges for safety
    • Ultra clear, low iron glass eliminates color shift
    • Anti-reflection coatings prevent glass reflections



    • 15" / 17” / 19" / 24" diagonal 
    • Built-in reversing
    • VGA, HDMI composite inputs for Regular 400 NIT
    • HD-SDI, VGA, HDMI inputs for HighBright 1000 NIT
    • LED backlit 
    • AC adapter included, battery operable
    • When using PrompterPeople Auto-Reversing monitors, you will not need to use the Flip Function in the flip Q Software.
    • When using a 3rd Party monitor you may need to use the Flip Function in the Flip Q Software
    *Self-reversing. The display of the text’s reflection in glass reads backwards. all PrompterPeople Monitors reverses the text so it is readable without the cumbersome process of adjusting your computers setting which cuts out un-needed additional steps and gets you prompting faster.


    Poles (Metal & Carbon Fiber) 

    • Metal Poles are standard, and better for heavy winds, or single setup use (For Metal Poles Click Here
    • Carbon Fiber Poles breakdown (1/3 size of Metal Poles) for transport, and are lighter weight.

    Dimensions / Weight   

    • Tool­ less design 
    • Camera position adjustable
    • LCD position adjustable
    • 17.5 x 15 inch base ea.
    • 18 LBS each prompter



    • iPad (iPad bracket needed) 
    • 17, 19, and 24 inch (glass assembly and monitor needed) 
    • Controllers: wireless, wired, foot 



    • PC and Mac software included 
    • Newsroom software available


    Soft Case / Travel Kits

    1. Not all Teleprompters come with a Case
    2. Teleprompters that do come with a case, only have an included Soft Case
    3. Flight Cases (Hard Cases) are an upgrade
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  • Other Details

    Teleprompter Type: Presidential
    Brightness (Monitor): HighBright
    Brightness (Monitor): Standard (indoor use)
    Monitor Size: 15
    Distance From Talent : Ft (Monitor Size : In): 15
    Monitor Size: 17
    Monitor Size: 19
    Monitor Size: 24
    Glass Shape: Standard Rectangular
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